Dental Implants in Sunnyvale, CA

Replace a missing tooth for a functional bite, a healthier body, and a beautiful smile!

Having a missing tooth can affect your speech, feel uncomfortable, cause oral health issues later in life, and look unsightly. An implant is an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone. It can hold a replacement tooth, bridge, or denture. Your dental implant will feel natural and does not rely on neighbouring teeth for support.

  • Natural look and feel
  • Dentures are held in place more effectively
  • More comfortable
  • Your bite will improve


Does getting a dental implant hurt?

No – the treatment is virtually painless. You may feel a little discomfort for up to a week after your treatment. Our office will give you some tips on what to eat / drink to reduce any discomfort.

What do I do after the treatment?

We’ll give your some post op instructions to ensure a speedy recovery! We encourage you to get lots of rest, clean out your mouth, stay away from certain foods etc.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the procedure?

The majority of insurance companies cover most of our treatments. For more detail on your coverage please call your service provider.