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You are what you eat and your teeth are what you feed them. The foods and drinks you consume can affect the health of your body as well as your teeth. Just like how any machine runs on fuel or energy, the human body is a complex system that works on fuel generated by the foods we eat.

When it comes to teenagers, their diet could suffer as they make poor dietary decisions that could cause them to suffer from tooth decay. In fact, half of all school going children get cavities. Teenagers are affected by the fast food explosion and more often than not, will be drinking soft drinks and candy. Making sure these foods are part of your teen’s life could ensure that they enjoy their bright, white and healthy smile for a long time.


Drink Lots of Water

The saliva in your mouth is made of 95% water and is your mouth’s best defence against tooth decay. How? It helps wash away food debris that may be in your mouth, reducing the chances of getting tooth decay and also helps in keeping your saliva levels at an optimum level. Water contains nutrients like proteins and minerals that help to combat acids that eat away at your tooth’s enamel. Water is also great and healthy substitute to soft drinks that could constantly coat your teeth with sugars that cause the bacteria in your mouth to work overtime in building plaque.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges and even strawberries are overflowing with the goodness of Vitamin C which helps in gum building. Collagen is a main protein that helps in strengthening your gums’ integrity and strong gums are important for healthy teeth. Oranges contain a lot of Vitamin C and help keep the blood vessels and connecting mouth tissue strong and also helps reduce inflammation which slows down the progression of gingivitis.


Fish like salmon and Atlantic mackerel are great sources of Vitamin D. Vital for healthy teeth, the Vitamin d present in the fish helps your body to absorb calcium which is an important nutrient that helps to protect your teeth and prevents gum disease. When you include salmon in your diet, you ensure that your body gets the Vitamin D it needs to stay healthy.


A cup of tea doe more good than harm and the polyphenol compounds present in black and green tea help to slow down bacteria growth which are connected to the development of gum disease and cavities. The tea helps to reduce plaque buildup as well.

Cheddar Cheese

Studies have revealed that consuming cheddar cheese allows for lower acid levels in your mouth as compared to people who consume milk or sugar free yoghurt.


Raisins are a great alternative to sugar as they don’t contain sucrose which helps bacteria to stick like glue to teeth, which in turn produce plaque. Sugar filled soft drinks and junk foods help to fasten tooth decay and should be avoided to enjoy healthy teeth.

Crunchy foods

These include apples, carrots and cucumbers that help disturb plaque formation as well as act as a cleansing mechanism. When you crunch on these healthy foods, the bacteria are cleared away instead of settling down happily on your tooth’s surface.

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