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None of us feels comfortable with an imperfect smile. It affects our self-confidence, the way we see ourselves, and even can affect the way others see us. Cracked, misshapen and discoloured teeth are definitely a no-no when it comes to smiles. Fortunately, there is a simple, easy and quick way cosmetic dentistry can help us renew our bond with our normal smile and our self-image. It’s called dental bonding.

This cosmetic procedure involves a little creativity on the part of your trusted Sunnyvale dentist. That’s because he or she will have to do some of the shaping and moulding of your soon to be perfect tooth, while you sit patiently in the chair.

What is dental bonding?


Dental bonding involves the use of a tooth-colored composite resin, chosen to match your existing teeth. When mixed, it has a putty-like consistency, which can be worked into a preordained shape.  The composite is bonded onto a slightly roughened tooth, which has been treated with a liquid that will help the composite stick to it. At this point, the composite is still in its pliable state.

Shaping and molding then follows, and, when the dentist is satisfied with the result, it is left to dry and is hardened with the help of a laser or ultraviolet light. Smoothing and polishing of the newly rejuvenated tooth is the final step. The result is a tooth (or teeth) with a whole new look. And you, with a completely new smile.

The advantages of bonding

  • The procedure is quick and easy and may call for only one visit to the dentist if you only require treatment for one tooth. You may need extra visits to deal with extra teeth.
  • Small cracks, chips and defects in your teeth can become a thing of the past. Dental bonding will cover all signs of them and give your teeth a new fresh and bright look.
  • Composite bonding can help reshape teeth, cover discolored teeth, and reduce small gaps, which mar the smile.
  • Where the defects are relatively minor, it can avoid or delay the need for crowns or dental implants.
  • Tooth-colored bonding can be used for new fillings, or to replace old amalgam fillings. It can also cover exposed areas at the base of the tooth or roots, which may otherwise be unprotected from infection caused by tartar build-up.
  • It can completely change the look of your teeth by lengthening them, adding width or adjusting the shape to give a more pleasant appearance.

After Care for your new smile

Your dentist will advise you not to smoke or drink beverages that can stain your newly finished teeth for the first two days. Afterwards you will need to brush regularly, and visit the dentist for cleanings, in order to protect your new look. That will not be hard for you to do.

One look in the mirror and you will be smiling with delight at your new look, and full of determination to keep your teeth and your smile beautiful.

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