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They say eyes are the window to the soul, but in reality, your smile says a lot about your mood and your self-confidence. And thankfully, with the advancements being made daily in dentistry, our chances of having a beautiful smile for longer are increasing. For those who have missing teeth, this is a very true fact. Our experienced Sunnyvale dentist and Dental implants – replacement teeth – are changing people’s lives every day. They are extremely effective because they become a part of your bone structure by fitting and anchoring onto your jaw.

The benefits of dental implants are endless:

dental implants

Enhanced Appearance and Comfort

Beauty is pain, people always say – but in this case that is most definitely not true. Dental implants couldn’t look more natural, resulting in the patient often looking and feeling younger after the procedure. Not only do they look nice, but they also become part of you by fusing with your bone – this means that they are more comfortable than removable dentures.

The Benefits of Permanency

Dental implants may need check-ups but all in all they usually last a lifetime. Because dental implants are permanent, they will never slip or move – unlike dentures, which ultimately cause slurring and mumbling. Another benefit of this is the fact that you can eat what you like – dental implants act like normal teeth and don’t affect the functionality of your mouth at all. All of this comes along with increased amount of self-confidence.

Acts as a Protection

If there are missing teeth in your mouth, it causes serious harm to your jaw bone. When there is no tooth to support, the jaw bone starts to deteriorate. Therefore, having dental implants strengthens and saves your bone structure. Dental implants also stop the surrounding healthy teeth from shifting because they go in the missing spot in the jaw bone.

Overall Improvement

The healthy teeth are never affected, therefore improving the condition of all the teeth as a whole. After the dental implants are inserted, there is a small gap left on either side of the replacement tooth – this improves oral hygiene and makes it easier to keep the mouth clean. There is no need for messy adhesive to keep the implants in place, which means that it looks natural and unnoticeable. Never mind the fact that these dental implants stay in your mouth! Imagine having to remove your dentures every time you brush and floss. Or even worse, imagine your dentures slipping and moving when you eat, speak, kiss or cough. Now with dental implants that will never be an issue.

Dental implants are known to be more reliable than other options such as bridgework, removable appliances and retreatment of failing root canal therapy. Not to mention the fact that dental implants have an unbelievable success rate of 98%. So, you have no reason to doubt the benefits of dental implants. If you have missing teeth, these are your best option.

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