10 Reasons You Need Regular Dental Check-ups

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Visiting your dentist in Sunnyvale every six months is more than just a good idea, it protects your overall health too. Choose your dentist well and it is like seeing an old friend you can talk to about your health. There are 10 good reasons why you should regularly have your dentist check your teeth.

Good dental health is more than a feature to your smile. It is an indication of general health and well-being. Poor dental hygiene can lead to other complications including gum disease, strokes, heart disease, bone loss and infections.

The 10 reasons to have check-ups with your dentist regularly:

regular dental checkup

#1. Pick problems up early

Early detection of any oral problem makes it much more curable. The Oral Cancer Foundation in the US says someone dies of oral cancer every hour every day. If it is detected early enough it can be cured. Your dentist will spot the signs early enough, as long as you maintain your regular checkups. Decaying teeth can be mended before the problem becomes extensive, and your dentist will check that you have healthy gums too.

#2. Good-looking teeth that last a lifetime

It is good to have your teeth cleaned, as plaque builds up even though you brush and floss daily. After a cleaning session, you can be sure your smile sparkles, and any tooth decay would have been spotted, an appointment made for a filling, or any other procedures that might be needed. Regular dental check-ups can prevent tooth decay and gum disease easily, but these conditions left unchecked can lead to loose teeth over time. Small cavities can easily be fixed, but if left it will spread over the tooth and can become irreparable.

#3. Healthcare advice and motivation

Visiting your dentist gives you the opportunity to discuss your general health and habits with a health professional. It will also motivate you to keep your good habits of brushing and flossing consistent. It is also important for children to be taught these good habits, and for your dentist to reinforce what you teach them at home.

#4. Gum disease can have serious consequences

Regular cleaning sessions will prevent gum disease and infection of the gums and bone that keep the teeth in place. It is the most common reason for adults losing teeth, and can be treated effectively if diagnosed early. If not treated, it may become more serious.

#5. Reduce your chances of heart disease or stroke

Recent studies link heart disease and strokes to gum disease. A regular check-up, or cleaning could prevent, or reduce the chance of developing these dangerous health problems.

#6. Efficient digestion

Efficient digestion begins with chewing. If your teeth are missing or poorly aligned, you can’t chew your food properly. This places strain on the rest of your digestive system and prevents you from getting the best nourishment from your food.

#7. Avoid extensive dental procedures and surgery

Cavities that are detected early are much easier to fix with fillings. Fillings that broke, or chipped teeth are also easier to fix if they are detected early. If these problems, or gum disease go untreated, it can easily lead to root canal problems, gum surgery, or extraction of teeth.

#8. If you’re insured, you’re covered, so why miss out?

Your dental insurance plan pays for two visits a year, so why not use it? This will save you a lot of money in the long run as prevention is much cheaper than cure. A checkup isn’t expensive even if you aren’t insured, but if you’re covered. It’s a freebie!

#9. Plan your dental health strategy

If your dentist or dental hygienist spots any problems, a treatment plan can be worked out for you to get your dental health back on track as fast as possible. You can discuss the financial arrangements you will need to make to complete your plan too.

#10. What’s not to love about having an attractive smile?

If you’re in need of a confidence booster, then your dental visits could be the start of a more attractive you. A clean, bright smile is a great way to put your best foot forward with friends or clients.

The bottom line?

Visiting your dentist regularly saves you time, money, and ultimately your teeth, leaving you with much more confidence and much less chance of toothache, or unexpected problems you didn’t bargain, or budget for.

So, make it a good habit. Brush twice a day, floss every day and visit your dentist every six months with your whole family to make sure you are all in good dental shape. Children’s teeth need to be checked regularly especially if they don’t have their permanent teeth yet. Baby teeth don’t have thick enamel and can easily get cavities, but they must be looked after to keep the space in the jaw for permanent teeth to grow.

Some reasons to see your dentist even if it isn’t time for a check-up yet: tooth ache, bleeding, puffy gums, feeling self-conscious when you smile, you have difficulty eating and swallowing, you have jaw pain, or you have spots or sores in your mouth.

Taking care of your teeth is part of taking care of yourself. Do you need a dental check-up? Why wait for a painful emergency? Call us today.

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